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Top 10 beaches of Samos!

The best beaches of Samos in one list. Samos is an island blessed with a number of dreamy beatches that you shouldn’t mis...

The best beaches of Samos in one list.

Samos is an island blessed with a number of dreamy beatches that you shouldn’t miss when you visit. In order to help you organise your tour we present you the top 10 best as chosen by the locals of Samos for you to chose from!

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1. Lemonakia

Three of the best and more celebrated beaches in Samos are located in the northern part of the island and between the two main towns, Vathi and Karlovasi. You can enjoy the turquoise waters of this beautiful beach having the pine trees just around your back.

2. Tsamadou

Tsamadou is very near the Lemonakia beach and they share many similarities with each other, such as the clear waters and the pine trees in the background. However, Tsamadou beach is more popular among the younger generations. Also, the edge of the beach is dedicated to those who enjoy nudism.

3. Tsabou

Tsabou is the last of the famous trio of beaches that decorate the northern cost of the island. The seaside here is a little bit calmer than the Tsamadou and the waters are deeper than the other two. A stunning beach nonetheless that is worth visiting.

4. Potami

My personal favorite. Potami beach is located close to Karlovasi and combines the serene atmosphere of the beautiful green background with the all the perks of an organized beach. Additionally, if you are going to visit Potami beach make sure to visit the valley just next to the beach. It is a wonderful walk and you can enjoy the cool waters of the waterfalls and the soothing shades of the forest.

5. Potokaki

Potokaki is also known as Pythagorio beach as it is located next to its namesake town. This is probably the most organized beach with many water sports available here. It is a beautiful long beach with plenty of things to do and very close to many restaurants.

6. Glykoriza

Glykoriza is also near at Pythagorio but has a different character Potokaki. It is a smaller bay and offers a more private feeling. It is also well organized as it part of the Glykoriza hotel which offers excellent services such as coffee, drinks and food on the beach. Yet, what really is the highlight of Glykoriza beach is its waters which are calm and clear all the time.

7. Psili Ammos

Psili Ammos as its Greek name suggests this beach has beautiful thin sand. For those who love long sandy beaches this place is heaven on earth. It is an organized beach with some bars and tavernas that can be found around but it is also very peaceful.

8. Limnionas

Another beautiful beach with sand is Limniona. It is close to Marathokampos town. It is not as famous as Psili Ammos but it has a marvelous sea side. As a plus, Limnionas tends to have very calm when the rest of the island is windy.

9. Kokari


Kokari apart from being a picturesque little town has also a beautiful beach. Located practically attached to the town, Kokari beach is simply fun, with clear water and next to all the amenities of Kokari town.

10. Megalo Seitani


Megalo Seitani is probably the most exotic of all Samos’ beaches. It is totally secluded as you can arrive only by small boat, or by following a hacking path from Potami for 1 hour and a half. Yes, it is hard to reach but it is totally worth it. The water is crystal clear and the enormous mountains in the back makes you feel that you just arrived in paradise.

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