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The Marvelous Samothraki Beaches!

Samothraki is a verdant island located in the northern Aegean Sea.  World famous for its unspoiled nature and magnifice...

Samothraki is a verdant island located in the northern Aegean Sea. 

World famous for its unspoiled nature and magnificent landscapes, crisp waterfalls and alternative activities, this island will certainly make you fall in love with Greece – if you haven’t already. Get ready to be amazed by the spectacular Samothraki beaches, with their distinct character and mesmerizing beauty calling out your name!

samothraki beaches

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First of all, Pachia Ammos is perhaps the most famous beach on the island and it is the only sandy one along Samothraki. Most other beaches, as you will get to see, feature small pebbles or even fierce rocks that add to the overall scenery. It is located on the southwestern part of the island and literally translates to Thick Sand.  Within short distance from this golden beach, you can find the chapel of Panagia Krimniotissa that has been built on top of a cliff and overlooks the bay. There is a beach bar and cafe on site, along with sun loungers and umbrellas. Karkani beach is found not far from Pachia Ammos, whilw you may reach the beach from a trail starting here.
samothraki beaches
At the northeastern tip of Samothraki, one more impressive beach awaits! It is Pyrgos tou Fonia or else The Tower of the Killer. You will find a medieval tower standing in ruins, as part of the island’s fortification. This is arguably one of the Towers of Samothraki, even though some historians date it at a later era than the rest of the towers. As for its name, there are differences among legends. According to one story, this is where a murder took place and that has led to its name. A different tradition relates the name to a stream that flows to the sea. This is where some vathres (natural pools) are formed on the island. The grey pebbles blend wonderfully with the azure waters and the magnificent tower, composing a masterpiece of nature.
samothraki beaches
We could not leave out Vatos from a list with the best Samothraki beaches, could we? Located in the southern part of the island, this beach is surrounded by cave-forming cliffs and tall trees. There is also a gorge bearing the same name on site, as well as a mesmeric waterfall called Kremastos (Hanging) and a peculiar geological formation by the name “Tis Grias ta Pania” (or in English, the Sails of the Old Woman). This is a splendid place to be, not only for your diving experiences, but also for combining a visit to some of the top attractions on the island. Kamariotisa, Kipoi, Makrilies and Lakkoma, as much as the natural pools and waterfalls on the island complete a truly amazing list of places that will steal your heart and introduce you to the dream. Dive right in!

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